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Test Bravo’s Number Close Routine

20 Comments 29 January 2009

Everyone should have more than enough openers to use so they can test this weeks mission! I was planning on sharing this one for a bit, so last week went out and recorded it in action to demonstrate how easy this stuff should be.

Bravo Number Closing

There was a little bit more to this, and took out some personal info that I can’t share. She was working and joked around about her folding clothes, asked her name, shook hands, noticed her grip and audio clip starts.

I saw the pink g-string when she bent down to get some paper to write down her number and of course had to mention it!

Did you notice that she gave out her her phone number without knowing my name? I made sure to bring this up to point out how magical this was, then went for a date that night. That is why I love this number close so much!

This week’s mission test My Number Close

Even if you can’t get numbers this easily there is another reason to test this number close, it will help you improve your game. Like I stated before I like being as efficient as possible, so if I can test my calibration and get the number with one move, cool!


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20 Comments so far

  1. Aladdin says:

    Very cool, you can just hear her attraction to you ooze through that Audio clip!

    I love it, will try to get it tested this weekend.

    In the meantime, you can change my name from Tapanojum to Aladdin on Style Life Forums :D

  2. Joe says:

    Wow that audio is awesome!

    Also just reading this made things click in my head, sometimes I would get numbers othertimes I would hear maybe I will see you around.

    Cool that this teaches you how to learn from the #close and a very smooth way of getting it that I tihink would never get me called out

    THANKS BRAVO will test tonight!

  3. TicoRicoSuave says:

    what a clever way of asking for her number…getting her to suggest the exchange. i’m gonna make this shit work!

  4. Sir Spicy says:

    Liking what I see (and hear, haha dug the audio) on Pick Up Labs. Can’t wait to go in the field with this mission.

  5. Zeus says:

    Tried it…got the number…don’t know if it will stick…

    Check it…

    1.Did you get her contact info?

    Yes…I texted her right away “who is that handsome guy you’re talking too” but she hasn’t responded back.

    2.What type of contact info? (number, email, MySpace/Facebook etc..)

    I got her cell number on the spot. Although I didn’t ask her last name so I could FB her. I have pictures of her on my camera. But, I will get it.

    3.How difficult is this routine to master?

    Not difficult at all, although I could have been a little smoother.

    4.Did you get called out on using this routine?

    Not at all

    5.Rapport building strength?

    I had strong rapport with her before I asked her.

    6.Your PUA-AFC level?


    7.Number of times tested?


    8.Any additional insight?

    When I asked her, she said “i don’t know, how can we”? She asked if I was going to be here when she got back (she was grabbing her coat) and I said yes. She said ok and went to say bye to everyone. As she was walking by, I grabbed her and said give me your number. She did.
    I think I didn’t have enough comfort for this to work effectively.

  6. Prodigy Alpha says:

    1. Yes I got contact info everytime, although the first few times were facebook/email which was my fault i rushed to use it but after the first three times I started getting numbers

    2. 2 facebook, 1 email, 3 numbers

    3. as long as you build enough comfort its easy 2/5

    4. nope

    5. varies due to comfort level 2/5

    6.Your PUA-AFC level?


    7.Number of times tested?

    8.Any additional insight?

    Comfort MUST be build this technique is easy to incorporate into your arsenal but dont rush to use it. A good test of your comfort-building skills.

  7. Metz says:

    I number & FB closed a university dance team member. This was during the middle of the day, in the fitness room.

    1. Yes

    2. Number and Facebook

    3. 2/5 Simply knowing how to “ask” without making it seem obvious is key. Planning the logistics of “its been amazing getting to know you” needs to be said when comfort/attraction is built.

    4. Nope

    5. I want to say 2/5. Think of it has the icing on the cake of rapport. When I brought up a good way to continue our conversation, she asked if I had a cell phone on my for her number. I wouldn’t say this added rapport, but rather investment on top of what we built in that short amount of time.

    6. 2/5

    7. Once. Closing anxiety killed me Saturday. I made up for it today.

    8. Insight. Following Bravo’s example of how quick it is “contact info close”, I confirmed how easy it is, using the correct word choice, as present in this closing routine.
    Really, as soon the correct IOI are there, you can close pretty quickly…if that’s what you want. This worked out great for me.
    The target and her friend were busy practicing dance moves and I opened them both. I didn’t want to hang around all day because I was sweaty from working out and they had to practice. None-the-less, it was a solid 10min of rapport/comfort building. There was mention of a very light Day2, with her telling me that she always spends time at this dance hall, which she recommends I stop by.

  8. Metz says:

    In case the several people who eagerly jumped at the opportunity to test material given to them were waiting for permission to post FR; I give you permission. And go.

  9. Redd says:

    1. yep 100%
    2. #s
    3. 1/5 dificulty
    4. lol not as a PUA, but one responded knowingly, slyly on my “how can we continue this”
    5. 2/5 what i’d call “consistency rapport” as in, “gave him my number, was my own idea, so i must like the guy”
    6. 2/5
    7. 3
    8. delivery with a hint of urgency makes this feel much more natural.

  10. PAC_ says:

    1. Did you get her contact info?


    2. What type of contact info? (number, email, MySpace/Facebook etc..)


    3. How difficult is this routine to master?

    Easy, 1/5. I recited it a few times in my head on the way out to the bar; forgot all about it during the night and it “magically” came up when the time was right.

    4. Did you get called out on using this routine?


    5. Rapport building strength?

    Not applicable? It flowed so well that it just smooths the number close over so well.

    6. Your PUA-AFC level?

    3/5, I will get it.

    7. Number of times tested?

    2, both numbers:
    “Well you could get a number?”
    “My cell is broken, but I can give you my office number” <– Money!

    8. Any additional insight?
    If you did not get the number, why not? Did this help point out any issues in your game?

    I only read the RSS tonight (Sunday) so I didn’t get to test it on Friday night. And since Sunday nights are slow, I only had 2 sets to even open :(
    I feel like this fits with the frame I set tonight which was “mysterious”; I kept acting aloof, and made it perfectly clear on all of her advances. With this stack, I was very EASILY able to let her know that she was giving me her number.
    This is a PERFECT N.L.P. number close; I am letting her fit the number in to her own reality as I rock my body back a bit. With this body language she would follow my movement (lead with mirroring) and lean in so she would ALREADY be in the “mood” to hand me her number.
    Power! Possibly add some Body Language cues in to this readme? It can only help the delivery! :D

  11. Topher says:

    I was out in Las Vegas and visited the Spearmint Rhino and number closed 2 smokin’ hot dancers.

    1. Did you get her contact info?


    2. What type of contact info? (number, email, MySpace/Facebook etc..)

    Number and Email.

    3. How difficult is this routine to master?


    4. Did you get called out on using this routine?


    5. Rapport building strength?

    Both were excited to see me again. I’m still talking to both, probably due to the fact it was THEIR idea to give me their contact information even though it wasn’t allowed. Bouncers were everywhere so i had each whisper it in my ear…

    6. Your PUA-AFC level?


    7. Number of times tested?

    8 times

    8. Any additional insight?

    This is an amazing contact close routine. It’s actually the only one i use now, since taking the Stylelife bootcamp last year.

  12. Bravo says:

    Glad you guys are digging it!

    This was never some super secret smooth number close.

    First it was just to help me grade my skills, then just worked out so well I stuck with it.

    So if I didn’t get the number it was because I didn’t “earn” it

  13. Alpha&Omega says:

    1. 6 out of 6

    2. 3 facebook/myspace 3 numbers

    3. Pretty easy, by the time you try to close most of hard work is already done 5/5

    4. not at all 0/5

    5. Its a closer, so it works on the rapport already built, but unlike most closes the fact that she thinks its her idea to exchange info kinda builds some rapport so maybe 3/5

    6. Beginner PUA

    7. 6 tests

    8. My first 3 tests I used the myspace opener and got facebook/myspace details each time. I guess that opening with this puts the myspace idea in their head so when you ask how to catch up later its fresh in their minds. 1 Girl actually asked where the post from the waitress was and I had to lie and tell her that I deleted it because I don’t like stalkers. That felt a bit shit.

    The next three tests I used 3 different opinion openers and stayed away from the facebook/myspace idea and got numbers each time instead. So this definitely seems the better option.

    That said I still managed to convert 2/3 facebook friends into phone digits so not too shabby after all.

  14. DREWDER says:

    1.Did you get her contact info?
    EVERY TIME! ! !

    2.What type of contact info? (number, email, MySpace/Facebook etc..)

    8 #’s out of 8. I even texted the ones from Friday/Saturday today and all replied. I will text the ones I got Sunday tomorrow.

    3.How difficult is this routine to master?

    Not difficult at all

    4.Did you get called out on using this routine?


    5.Rapport building strength?

    Each time I used it, I had already built rapport.

    6.Your PUA-AFC level?
    middle ground 3.5/5

    7.Number of times tested?

    8 times

    8.Any additional insight?

    Play with it in your situations, but make sure you deliver it flawlessly. Practice it, listen to the audio clip, visualize how it would come out in a situation and then USE IT!

    I have already posted the Field Reports from this weekend in the SLA ELITE FORUM. They are way too long for here. All in all, every interaction was great. I even got denied once, but came back later and she had me sit with her and her friends. Dropped it on her again and she gave it to me. Infront of her friends. And then her friends gave me their #’s too. It was awesome. I have done a double # previously in the month, but I have never # closed 3 girls in a 6 set. It was awesome.

  15. Bravo says:

    OutfuckingSTANDING Drewder

    Blown away by your recent progress!

  16. Alpha&Omega says:

    Drewder that’s unreal dude well done.

    I dunno bravo … maybe the routine aren’t awesome …. maybe its just us ;)

  17. big S says:

    it’s us

  18. Dick Tracy says:

    I have been using this for the past 2 months. In that time it has never let me down, on occasion I have blown it but never due to the material. I don’t exactly remember all the closes I have had using this so for the sake of keeping this accurate I will only report my results from this weekend. (Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon)

    1)13/19 times

    2)Number and subsequently added to facebook

    3)If you can speak you can handle this 1/5

    4)No sir

    5)This routine creates very little rapport in and of itself but I find it requires a certain degree of rapport previously created to be pulled off. She needs to be somewhat comfortable with you do give her number. Of my 13 closes the majority took about 5 minutes or less.



    8- As with any routine practice makes perfect. This is definitely worth mastering. Very good way to get numbers quickly. Great for a number closing at any PUA level.

    Great job by all testers…keep it up.

  19. Andy Henry says:

    Could you recommend any specific resources, books, or other blogs on this specific NLP topic?

  20. I haven’t checked in here for some time as I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are really good quality so I guess I will add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend. :)

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