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“Evolve” is not a description, it is a verb and a command that has driven this individual since childhood.

Martial arts helped Evolve transform himself from an asthmatic goth kid into an understated athletic machine. Inspired by The Game, Evolve devoted himself to studying the social arts with the same fervor he had pursued his physical activities.

Attracting the attention of Neil Strauss, he was given the nickname “Evolve” and became the first full time coach for Stylelife. He played an integral role in creating many of the missions and original content for the Academy. He also helped write the series of highly successful MySpace videos that accompanied the Rules of the Game release. From his coaching position, Evolve moved into a role as Art Director where he applied his keen aesthetic eye to designing the Wingman magazine.

He now works as a full-time Sagittarius for the city of Los Angeles.

He also coaches part-time for the Stylelife Academy and blogs for Neil Strauss at Neilstrauss.com.

That’s how the game is played…Evolve is doing some rockstar shit. - Neil Strauss

Evolve is four moves ahead in chess genius, I hope to one day have your amazing strategic mastery of the game, you don’t just see the matrix… you see it before it happens.                        -Gengiscahn

Evolve, your field reports truly are amazing to read. Can’t wait to read the rest.   -Voodoo

Wow man, your unshakeable frame never ceases to amaze me.   -Streetwisekeen

I guess that’s what Evolve meant when he said “You’ll know when it’s time to turn her around.” I flip her over. Clothes come flying off. There is no LMR. Evolve was right.  -Fate

Wow…amazing stuff! I joined SLA after reading the Unicorn-FR, 007-FR and Coat Girl-FR. The way he presents/describes each FR is a GREAT learning tool for me (and others I imagine). It really gives you an understanding of Shit Test dynamics and how to handle a HB10s. I think his Field Reports should be archived and used as study material. Thanks for the insight Evolve!         -BacchusApollo

I have a new hero…  -Brasil Pirate

The pacing and tone of his delivery along with the intriguing monotone of his voice and the constant spikes of wit and humor had this woman laughing and putting her hands all over him. He controlled the group so gracefully it was impressive and I sat back and astutely observed the dynamics unfolding. The more the blonde laughed and showed interest, the more the Asian girl undressed him with her eyes. His charm and humor were so graceful it was like a ballet. The three people closed the distance, crowding closer and closer around him and were surrounding him oozing enjoyment and enthralled by his charisma. Evolve’s game is so tight.  -Bolshevik

Awesome. Simply awesome. I aspire to this level of greatness.  -Baddace

You are the real life James Bond. Simply AWESOME!!!  -Playboy7

About the Authors


1 Comment 06 September 2010

Mojo has been a natural at the game his whole life; developing methods and strategies for seduction since he was a teenager. He is responsible for teaching fellow pick-up labs author and Stylelife Academy coach, Evolve, his first lessons about the game.

Mojo’s  love of language and communication pushed him to earn a degree in linguistics from Antioch College.

His love for romantic and seductive adventures have taken him all over the world from Peru to Taiwan.

He claims to be made of delicious chocolate.

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